Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Time to burn

Finally starting a new job! I can leave my current job that requires the brain power of a gnat! =) I'm so amped! It's still in a call center, but it's a considerably smaller one, with better cohesion i feel. Not just a face in the crowd. Or rather as my soon-to-be-ex company succinctly puts it: "....bums on seats". With so many people coming and going, I felt that I was in a cattle market. Hopefully this will change when I start with the new company at the begining of August. I'm itching to write my resignation letter =) Not to say that the people at the call center are ogres or anything.. Some are really really nice. 'Specially Deepak and Ravi who provide me with books to read (so I don't die of boredom during the really quiet days) and Nath, who's such a West Coast Eagles and PS2 maniac. He cracks me up everytime. I'll miss all of  them :(

I've gotten my hands on the 2 games I've been waiting anxiously for...or rather the only game I've been waiting ages for.. Onimusha 3! The other game, Drakengard is just to satisfy my dragon-flying curiosity. The opening sequence of Onimusha 3 just blew my mind! Oh man.. it was like watching a chinese kung-fu movie. The fight scenes are sublime.. I don't mind watching the opening scene over and over again. It doesn't hurt that the original hero from Onimusha is back.. Samanosuke is such eye-candy.. *yum*. He's actually modeled after the actor who voices him: Takeshi Kaneshiro.. *double yum*. It also has one of the most likable actors around.. Jean Reno. Bravo the return of Samanosuke.. I have nothing against the hero of Onimusha 2.. but Jubei just makes me want to yell "monkey boy!" everytime there's a cut scene with him in it.. which is EVERY TIME.



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